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19 April 2018
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The Auto-Entrepreneur Business Status In France

For many people, the supreme dream is to build their own business. To achieve this desire you need a lot of ambition, perseverance, professionalism in a certain field of activity and a lot of work. This is just a small part in your way to launch in the business world. If you decided you want to be an auto-entrepreneur then you need to know some use Read more >>

17 April 2018
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Retirement in Italy – No More Dolce Vita?

   As for 2018, a new law regarding pension benefits came into force in Italy. Now the age requirement for accessing retirement funds fixed in Italian legislation increased by five months. Under the new legislation, men shall retire at 66 years and seven months and women at 65 years and seven months. There are sources which mention about Read more >>

13 April 2018
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All you need to know about parental leave system in France

France manages to be way ahead of many countries concerning a massive range of paid benefits. Childbirth is no exception, as the French seem to encourage it very much. And by encourage we mean financial benefits awarded to the new parents. French healthcare system protects pregnant women a lot. Either self-employed or employed, they enjoy many bene Read more >>

10 April 2018
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Guide to hiring employees in Spain

When you decide to get hired within a certain field of activity you need to be aware of certain risks that may arise. In case you are not properly informed about the recruitment process, some unexpected details might occur and get you caught in a trap. After having been pressed by international institutions, the Spanish government has decided to co Read more >>

21 March 2018
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Five reasons why Switzerland is the first in innovation or how Switzerland has become so attractive for investors?

Switzerland is more than just one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.  Investors from all around the world choose this location as their business "home" and this is happening due to several reasons. For 6 years Switzerland has been holding a leading position in the field of innovations according to a study made by the Read more >>

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