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19 September 2017
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Swiss Payroll Guide

As Switzerland has four official languages, sometimes it becomes difficult to find the information you need about Swiss payroll, taxes, social security. Here is a guide containing the most important definitions from A to Z. AC - Assurance-chômage this is the unemployment insurance which provides benefits in cases when employees lose their Read more >>

08 September 2017
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Termination of employment in Switzerland

Termination of employment Swiss labor law is quite liberal and doesn't foresee any specific rules for employment termination. Both parties (employer and employee) may terminate a working relationship in compliance with certain terms without giving a specific cause or explanation. There can be a lot of reasons for termi Read more >>

28 August 2017
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How to obtain an Italian work permit?

  Italy is a popular destination not just for tourism and holidays, but also for working. While EU and Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland citizens are not subjects to any restrictions to access the Italian job market, non-EU citizens have to apply for a working residence permit. TYPES OF PERMITS There are several type of work Read more >>

15 August 2017
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5 Tips for your Start-Up business

The most difficult thing in a business is to start. Too many ideas, too many employees to look for and too many legal requirements and of course not enough time. But, if you are serious about your intention and you have a good business plan and a proper SWOT analysis, then all these challenges can be easily solved. 1.HIRING THE BEST OF Read more >>

11 August 2017
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How to deal with accidents at work. Switzerland

All employers want their employees to work in a safe environment, without unpleasant situations. But, sometimes, on the way to work or back, at work place or even home, accidents happen. In Switzerland, persons who are employed are insured against accidents and occupational diseases. Types of Accidents Accidents at work may be different Read more >>

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