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Solutions for

Our solutions are tailored to fit your requirements.

Country start up support

We will help you setting up your start-up company. We provide support in registration, finance, Payroll, HR administration. If you are launching a business in a specific country, we will help you with a green field set up and registrations.

  • We register your company and employees with Social Security, Labor office, Tax and other authorities.
  • We will employ your people without you having to establish a legal entity, hence helping you to reduce your risk as an employer and helping you to deploy your people into new markets fast.
  • We help you with quick on-boarding and off-boarding of your staff.
  • We pro-actively help you and guide you through all the paperwork and setup process.
  • We help you with mandatory Labor Safety regulations.
  • We research and recommend for you the Benefits providers according to your industry and corporate standards.
  • We offer Legal entity set up, Domiciliation, Accounting and Tax Compliance services.