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Adm In ME: International-payroll

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Our solutions are tailored to fit your requirements.

international payroll
Adm In ME provides all-in-one solutions for multinational companies, in the countries where they are present. Our International Service Desk are super cost efficient and suitable for any kind of business.

We offer you:

  • Single point of contact for your European Payroll and HR Administration project       
  • Comparable scope of services, transparent pricing and KPIs across all countries       
  • Standardized data management across countries in compliance with GDPR 2018 (new EU policy on data protection)       
  • Secure Online HR portal for data exchange and storage, including multi-factor identification
  • Fully customizable Accounting (GL) file for your local and corporate reporting
  • Single and fully customizable interfaces to your HR and Finance systems
  • Standard Time Management solutions - fully integrated with payroll  
  • Standard, flexible and customizable reporting for all the countries
  • Centralized payment management service, including payment of net pay and expense reimbursements to employees, tax and social payments to governments, and benefit providers

We will help you:

  • To comply with statutory accounting filing and reporting
  • To set up and administer employee benefit plans
  • To get continuous updates on changing Labor Law and Employment practices and provide advice


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