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Solutions for

Our solutions are tailored to fit your requirements.

Local Business

 We offer Payroll and HR administration services  for your local business in FranceItalySwitzerland,Spain and Portugal. We know that a local business should be the easiest to do, but sometimes it is the hardest to control. That is why we put a lot of effort in making our service delivery model transparent to our clients to ensure quality and responsiveness.

  • Our team offers you access 24/7 to service tracker (FAQ), so you can log requests; check tasks status, assigned person and timestamps. The service tracker platform contains proof of delivery and quality check for each step in the process. It includes Payroll calendar, check lists and KPIs.
  • We are your local providers of services.Our solutions are tailored to your business.
  • Our local payroll team will talk to you in your language (Spanish, French, Portuguese, English, Italian, and Greek.)
  • You do not have to worry about the real time legislation changes. Our experts follow up with ongoing changes in local legislation.