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Adm In ME: Multi-national-business

Solutions for

Our solutions are tailored to fit your requirements.

Multi-national Business

Our team will provide you the Payroll and HR administration services that fit your business better. We offer you the solutions and let you concentrate on what is really important for you.

  • We have our direct local operations in key European markets to provide our clients with maximum direct payroll delivery coverage, in order to minimize the use of sub-contractors.

  • In those countries where we are not directly present, we only sub-contract gross to net payroll calculation and statutory compliance to trusted local partners and keep all data input and output management, validation, data storage, security and quality controls in-house.

  • Even if your employees are dispersed geographically, all their data will be stocked in one single payroll interface: the server tracker

  • Instead of losing time on a phone tree, you will have a direct collaboration with your single point of contact, your personal project manager who will take the responsability of developing the whole process.

  • The confidentiality and the security of your employee’s data are beyond question. That is why the access to the information is restricted to a specific group of employees and a specific time frame.