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Adm In ME: Retail-solutions

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Our solutions are tailored to fit your requirements.

Retail Solutions

Adm In ME offers payroll, time and attendance and HR administration services tailored to fit the retail industry. We offer full support in the company fast growth phase: work place declaration and registration, massive hiring, leavers processing and employees transfers.

  • HR administration, time and attendance and payroll for the all store chains
  • Stock the data on one single interface, reducing the loss of time and money
  • Process online or using mobile device mass HR changes throughout the whole employee life cycle (joiners, contract changes, transfers, internships, resignations)
  • Ability to hire and rehire with ease
  • Shift planning and scheduling based on each store sales targets
  • Automated Time & Attendance (with clock in and clock out)
  • Automatic checks against working time mandatory legislation and employee contracts (11 hours report)
  • Easy way to handle any kind of anomalies (odd clocking’s, absences, overtime, etc.) on a massive way
  • Fully integrated with your payroll