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The Swiss Payroll Experts

In Switzerland taxes are imposed by the Swiss Confederation, the cantons, and the municipalities. Because cantons have a high degree of independence, Swiss payroll is one of the most complex payroll systems in Europe. We are a local payroll provider in Switzerland and can process payroll for your employees in all 26 cantons.

Flexible Payroll & HR Administration solutions

  • Registration of the Company and employees with Social Security and Tax authorities.
  • Initial registration of the Company with mandatory private pension funds and accident insurances
  • Monthly payroll processing, including joiners and leavers
  • Pay slips generation and distribution
  • Preparation DTA files for bank payments
  • Communications with and payments to AVS, LPP, LAA, LAAC, APG, TAS
  • Employment contracts preparation & non-mandatory benefits administration
  • We can employ and pay your staff on your behalf, so you do not need to create a legal entity or branch in Switzerland

New to Swiss market?

Our local experts can assist you with company incorporation in Switzerland by providing the following services.

  • Registration of the company with the local Company registry
  • Preparing the documents and transmitting them to and from the Notary
  • Arranging a new bank account
  • Domiciliation and or communication with landlord to arrange a company official seat

Additionally, our accountants can generate complete statutory reports monthly or quarterly, on your behalf.

Hiring in Switzerland?

Let our HR experts handle your recruitment process in Switzerland by searching our extensive database according to your needs.


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