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We are your ONE-STOP-SHOP administrative outsourcing provider offering: payroll, HR, time & attendance, accounting and compliance services

We are ONE-STOP-SHOP European Payroll & HR outsourcing provider with direct local operations in Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. We are progressively expanding our geographical footprint and services portfolio in Europe, driven by our client commitments. We have a great partner network to offer European solutions, great team, great clients and great technology to help you to grow your business in Europe.

We provide following services:

Why to choose Adm In ME?


We are cross-industry specialists and can work with payrolls of any size and complexity


We have 15 years of experience in providing payroll and HR administration services in Europe and process more than 1 000 000 payslips per year


Our team consists of 300 qualified, flexible, bi-lingual and professional people ready to help assist you every time you need

Customized to your type of business

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New Business

We offer Payroll and HR administration services for your local business in France, Italy, Switzerland,Spain and Portugal.

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Local Business

Our team will provide you the Payroll and HR administration services that fit your business better. We offer you the solutions and let you concentrate on what is really important for you.

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International Payroll

Adm In ME provides all-in-one solutions for multinational companies, in the countries where they are present

Do you run business across multiple locations in Europe?

We provide consolidated payroll, HR and accounting solutions across 6 key European countries: Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Greece. 

Powered by industry’s best technology and experts, our International Service Desk allows us to unify services, communication, reporting, analytics and integration with your HR and Finance systems in one single smart payroll solution.

Contact us today to talk to our team of experts and learn how you can improve your payroll and HR functions in Europe, ensure compliance with local rules & reduce operational costs.

Swiss Office Adm In ME
Spanish office Adm In ME
Map of Greece with Adm In Me office
Adm In ME has a local presence in Portugal
Map France | Adm In ME
Why use our International Service Desk?

→ Comparable scope of services, transparent pricing and KPIs across all countries       

→ Standardized data management across countries in compliance with GDPR

→ Secure Online HR portal for data exchange and storage, including multi-factor identification

→ Fully customizable Accounting (GL) files for your local and corporate reporting

→ Single and fully customizable interfaces to your HR and finance systems

→ Standard Time Management solutions – fully integrated with payroll

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