Do you run payroll across multiple countries and jurisdictions in Europe?

Adm In ME is a unique BPO service provider in Europe and can help you unify and standardize your payroll, accounting and HR process across multiple European countries and jurisdictions.  Our geographical footprint includes own local subsidiaries across six major European economies, as well as two SSCs and a network of trusted partners.  Driven by our client commitments, we are progressively expanding our geographical footprint and services portfolio in Europe.

Our main competitive advantage is our in-house developed Payroll and HR technology portals, which gives us a greater flexibility and cost efficiency in tailoring our payroll & HR solutions according to our clients’ requirements.

We have developed interfaces to over 20+ 3rd party HR, Finance and Time & Attendance systems. Our payroll technology is not just a simple gross-to-net aggregator and global reporting system, it is a true payroll engine and an integrated reporting tool, capable of producing and submitting mandatory reports to local authorities, across multiple countries and jurisdictions.

We have a great partner network to offer European solutions, great team, great clients and great technology to help you to grow your business in Europe.

Direct Countries:

Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland,
Greece, Romania and Moldova

Partner Countries:

Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary,
Czech Republic, Poland and Sweden

Our Local Offices


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