Tax and payroll in Switzerland: Your guide to running business.

Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is considered one of the most competitive and innovative countries in the world. Its liberal economy, political stability, and access to foreign markets make it an attractive location for investors. But don’t let your guard down, in Switzerland taxes are imposed both at federal level and canton level. All 26 cantons have a high degree independence, making Swiss payroll and taxation one of the most complex systems in Europe.

Outsourcing your payroll and HR administration to a local provider with proven experience like Adm In ME will help you avoid the most common pitfalls companies encounter when expanding their business into Switzerland.

Swiss payroll made simple:

  • Company and employee registration with Social Security and Tax authorities
  • Company initial registration with mandatory private pension funds and accident insurances
  • Monthly payroll processing, including joiners and leavers
  • Pay slips generation and distribution
  • Preparation SEPA files for bank payments
  • Communications with and payments to AVS1, LPP2, LAA3, LAAC4, APG5, TAS6
  • Employment contracts preparation & non-mandatory benefits administration
  • We can employ and pay your staff on your behalf, so you do not need to create a legal entity or branch in Switzerland

1 AVS – first pillar of the social charges

2 LPP- second pillar compulsory pension

3 LAA – obligatory accident insurance

4 LAAC – complementary accident insurance

5 APG – disability insurance

6 TAS – tax at source, if applicable


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