Invest in Switzerland article from Adm In ME

Switzerland is more than just one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.  Investors from all around the world choose this location as their business “home” and this is happening due to several reasons. Now is the right time to invest in Switzerland.

For 6 years Switzerland has been holding a leading position in the field of innovations according to a study made by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WPO). This part is strongly accentuated by the Swiss government who encourages the development of projects that provide access and facilities for a more prosperous future. The public authorities encourage foreign investors to support startups and various types of businesses. The result is Switzerland’s economic intensive growth. Also, more than half of the investment in the research and development sector in Switzerland comes from multinational corporations.

There are many causes why Switzerland keeps its leading position in the field of innovation and all of them are respected with great care and rigor:

  1. An investor nation. Every year, Geneva hosts one of the most prestigious events in the world, the Exhibition of Inventions. This year, 725 exhibitors from 40 countries will present popular and attractive technologies and inventions, such as a drone simulator or robot humanoid care, able to move into a public space. On an area of 8500 meters, the participants will present ideas from the most demanded areas: medicine, information technologies, transport and security, mechanics, etc.
  2. World-class research institutes. There is a close cooperation and development of the most practical and innovative ideas for the development of projects between the institutions of this state. When a startup in Switzerland is launched, it will not only create around 200 jobs but will also be a space dedicated to meetings between entrepreneurs and scientists. A special space designed to give everyone the opportunity to create ideas in a favorable and enjoyable environment.
  3. Investment on behalf of the multinationals. Attracting investment in Switzerland is one of the well-established goals that highlight the development, reinvention, and implementation of small and medium-sized businesses. The state authorities encourage an efficient development and ensure a promising future both the nationals, as well as for the multinational companies. A recently published study has shown that multinational partnerships have major interests in promoting Swiss innovation strategies.
  4. High profile green innovation projects. Every year in Switzerland, the Watt d’Or Awards are offered for the most creative and original innovation projects. The purpose of this trophy is to highlight the qualities and professionalism of business leaders and to inspire and motivate businesses worldwide. This year’s grand prize was awarded to Swisscom for the Swiss Innovation Park project, a modern building with showcases that fully conforms to the standards of sustainable architecture. This construction is distinguished by high energy efficiency, comfort, and high-quality operational security.
  5. Highly skilled employees. In order to achieve the best performance and results, Switzerland places great emphasis on employing qualified and professional staff. Thus, Switzerland has become the third in the Global Innovation Index in the sub-category “knowledge-based employment“. This style of selecting employees will keep them in the top for a long time, so Switzerland will remain a firm favorite for investors.

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