Business Expense Management Solutions

We have a rich experience in providing expense management services and helping international companies adjust their expense policies to local rules and regulations in Europe. We understand that expense management is a critical aspect that is often underestimated by companies. That is why we have developed a specific service line that combines administrative-accounting, labor law, tax and control skills in a service model aimed at small-to-medium sized companies that manage their own accounting and administration activities.

Our expense management solutions are all-inclusive, fully digitalized and easy to use for everybody: employees, HR teams, finance teams and business owners.

Compliance across all jurisdictions

If you run business across several European countries and use complex daily rates or have specific mileage rules, we are the right team for you. Our tax and labor experts work hard to make sure that your expense reimbursement policies are compliant with local regulations. By managing this area optimally, your company will avoid social security and/or tax litigation, particularly when large sums are reimbursed to employees and collaborators.

Visibility for corporate HR and Finance teams

Our expense management tool is fully integrated with our payroll solution so your corporate finance and HR teams have full visibility of the expense claims employees have submitted. They can check receipts for accuracy and compliance with company policy and local rules. With simple controls they can easily approve and assign expenses to the correct cost center or reject them in case of non-compliance.


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