Company Registration services in Europe.

The best way to start your business in Europe is to do it with Adm In ME. We are Southern Europe’s leading experts in company formation services and can help incorporate your entity in 6 key European countries: Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Greece. We offer a wide range of company incorporation and formation services, from simple VAT and employer registrations to setting up limited liability companies and corporations.

The biggest challenges our clients face when expanding their business to Europe is deciding what country will offer the most benefits for their business and choosing the right type of legal entity. That is why our experts assess each case individually and provide each client with their own customized incorporation solution.

Unlike standard company formation agents and lawyers, we will not only incorporate your company, but also complete on your behalf all mandatory registrations with the Social Security Office, Tax Office, and other statutory authorities and benefit providers, as applicable per local legislation.

Contrary to popular belief it is not mandatory to incorporate a legal entity in order to sell goods or hire local employees in Europe. Depending on jurisdiction other options such as non-resident employer or non-resident VAT registration may be possible.

Simple VAT registration in Europe

Countries like Spain, Portugal and Switzerland allow foreign companies to sell their goods and services locally by simply applying for non-resident VAT number. You don’t need to have a local address for commercial purposes. With a simple non-resident VAT registration, you can:

  • Import goods into the country for sale or distribution
  • Buy and sell goods locally
  • Use e-commerce to sell products in locally
  • Organize conferences, exhibitions, training and other events, if these events will generate revenue
  • Claim VAT refunds

Foreign non-resident employer registration (FNRE) – Employment without legal entity

Countries like France, Italy and Spain allow foreign companies to hire local employees without setting up a legal entity. This special status is called foreign non-resident employer (FNRE) and it is the easiest status for a company to obtain and therefore a good way for foreign companies to explore the European labor market. 

FNREs are only liable for paying payroll related taxes and contributions; they are not subject to corporate tax and do not have to submit  any other non-payroll related declarations.

Company incorporation in Europe has never been easier. Contact us today to talk to our team of experts and together we will build the expansion strategy that works best for your business.


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