EU compliant Time & Attendance solutions

Did you know that in certain European countries like Portugal or Spain it is mandatory for employers to track their employees’ working time? Local authorities require that employers correctly and timely report worked hours, overtime and vacation balances. To help our local and international clients comply with these regulations we have developed an innovative Time & Attendance system.

Our Time & Attendance system is fully web-based, intuitive and easy-to-use, making a unique user experience possible. It offers various benefits including integration with payroll, employee self-service portal and possibility to be integrated with any clock-in machine on the market. Our system will help you streamline payroll preparation, improve wage and hour compliance, it feeds directly into payroll so your HR team does not waste any time in gathering and checking

Empower your HR team by giving them a tool which helps them:

  • Simplify employee scheduling by giving you the tools to ensure adequate staffing coverage, prevent employees from working outside scheduled hours and avoid unnecessary overtime
  • Constantly monitor and update all ongoing legislative changes
  • Increase productivity and speed up the clock in and clock out process
  • Increase your time and money savings
  • Guarantee accuracy by seeing results dynamical

Main features of our Time & Attendance system

  • No installation required – our system is fully web-based and can be accessed from any device
  • Employees self service portal – easy to use by everyone employees, managers and HR teams
  • EU compliant – our system is fully compliant with local payroll and HR regulations
  • Secure – we are committed to protecting your and your employee’s sensitive data.

Our Time & Attendance software is an OnDemand product with no troublesome installation or time consuming implementation, which helps you save costs on implementing the system and ongoing use.


Contact us today to book a free demo and discover how our Time & Attendance system can help your streamline your payroll and improve your company’s operational efficiency across Europe