Social security and health benefits in Portugal

The state directs the social security system in Portugal. Only Portuguese, European Union nationals and legal residents profit from Social Security and Health benefits.

As soon as an individual starts officially working in Portugal and registers with social security, he immediately receives health care coverage. The Ministry of Health automatically issues a healthcare card.

Social Security offers assistance for health care, sickness, retirement, disability, death and old age, maternity, paternity, and adoption. The employers and employees must register and make the necessary contributions.

The system provides almost free visits to doctors, medical centers, and hospitals associated with the Ministry of Health. A few years ago, a small charge was introduced meant to cover a part of consultations and treatments. As well, some necessary medication is partly covered.

An individual can only register once to get a social security number. The obtained number is valid throughout the holder’s life. Any local office of the Social Security Institute can issue a Social Security Card.

To receive social security and health benefits, you have to collect the corresponding paperwork from your local authorities. For more information related to this subject, feel free to contact us and get guidance on behalf of our team throughout the entire process.